Dr. Yuesheng (Jason) Li is a Full Member, a Senior Investigator, a VP for R&D of iGECE and a Molecular Systems Biologist who primarily provides consulting service to our clients in the field of genomics, biological database & data integration, biological data mining & knowledge discovery. His research interest is focused on environmental toxicology and Safety of Nano-materials as well as individualized health solution seeking an effective and efficient therapeutic strategy particularly at a basis of innovative biotechnology. Dr. Li was trained as a molecular and cellular biologist as well as a clinician with research experience in nutriceuticals and pharmaceuticals. He has conducted many independent projects targeting liver or spinal cord ischemia/reperfusion injuries, bladder/breast cancers, infectious bowel diseases, Parkinson’s/Alzheimer’s diseases at the University of Virginia since 2001. His over 25-year research experience covers cell culture, cell proliferation, stem cell, transgenic mouse, cytokine profiling, gene cloning & characterization, data mining for drug targets, drug testing & validating, pharmacokinetic profiling, animal modeling, animal behavioral analyses, herbs screening, statistical analyses , and clinical trial. He was appointed as a WHO liaison for women lactation program as a clinician in China. During his entire career, Dr. Li had cloned more than 40 genes from mouse brown adipose tissue and discovered 2 novel genes with application of 1st generation of gene-array and early bioinformatics tools 15 years ago. He has hold two patents and had more than a dozen of peer-reviewed publications. He has improved and/or established more than 5 different animal disease models. Continuously, he has worked with many different species of animals, from mouse, rat, rabbit, cat, dog, and sheep. He was a Senior Scientist at the University of Virginia Center for Global Health, at which he conducted research of infectious pathogens, particularly in drug discovery project of Clostridium Difficile. Dr. Li also coordinates administrative network of iGECE in developing its business opportunity in the interdisciplinary field of energy, environment, nano-material, agriculture, and health science. He is an energetic scientist with creative mind and superior integrity, not only in the best-trained discipline but also in his private Do-It-Yourself life, demonstrating a technology-orientated multi-task ability performing a wide range of detail oriented functions.

Selected Publications and Patents:
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