Dr. Xianfeng (Jeff) Chen is the Full Member and Senior Investigator (Full Professor equivalent) of iGECE, the Chief Scientific Officer of the IFXworks Corporation, and the Executive Member of ShengTing Group Corporation. Dr. Chen is a world leading Bioinformatics and Computational Systems Biologist. Dr. Chen's scientific strengths include genome annotation, network analysis, functional and comparative genomics, proteomics profiling, micro-array transcription profiling, biological databases and data integration, biological system simulation and modeling. During the course of his academic and industrial careers, Jeff was personally responsible for assembly and analysis of over 170 microbial and 5 plant genomes, mouse and human genomes, and also assembled human genome-scale protein-protein interaction networks, as well as conducted research in target discovery for treatment of colon cancer. Dr. Chen has authored over 50 publications in scholarly and professional journals and over 20 U.S. and world patents. Dr. Chen was Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, Research Investigator and Project Manager of Proteomics Cyber-infrastructure in the NIH/NIAID National Biodefense Program on Human Pathogens at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, Principal Investigator (GS 14, Associate Professor equivalent) and Bioinformatics Leader at the Federal Environmental Laboratory of the U.S. Army ERDC, and also a Bioinformatics Program Consultant to the Battelle Memorial Institute. Prior to his academic career, Jeff worked for Prolexys Pharmaceuticals and Monsanto Companies. Jeff holds a Doctorate in Genetics and a Master (equivalent) in Computer Science, both from Iowa State University, and a Master's degree in Biochemistry from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Selected Latest Relevant Publications and Patents (Out of over 50 Publications and over 20 Patents) :
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