Investigators and Collaborators

  • Dr. Paul J. Rushton at the South Dakota State University.

    • Prateek Tripathi, Ph.D. Student.
    • Lucas Allen Smidt, Graduate Student.
    • Deena Rinerson, Graduate Student.
    • Roe Rabara, Graduate Student.
    • Jai Rohila, Graduate Student.
    • Tanner Jerome Langum, Graduate Student.

  • Dr. Xianfeng (Jeff) Chen at the iGECE

    • Dr. Glover George, System Administrator and IT Specialist.
    • Dr. Keith Sterward, Computational Biologist and IT Specialist.
    • Dr. Jason Li, Molecular Systems Biologist.
    • Dr. YongGuo Mei, Computational Biologist and IT Specialist

Last updated by Dr. Jeff Chen on December 7, 2011.